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Yum Yum Store! hmmmmm *drool*
22nd-Mar-2008 11:59 pm - New premises
Please visit the new website!

The Yum Yum Store @ http://ani.freehostia.com

All items have been transferred over there for easier management.

Please feel free to post your orders or enquiries in this post. (All comments are screened)
Announcements, feedback and links will still also be updated here.
15th-Mar-2008 12:00 am - Feedback Section
Did I do alright?

Feedback at the following are places where I buy, sell and manage.

Feedback in this journal

Feedback @ Marikitkit@LJ
Feedback @ eBay (ani122p)
Feedback @ eBay (marikitkit)
Feedback @ etsy

Please leave feedback here! =D
I'll leave feedback for you too!
(Just let me know where)
14th-Mar-2008 09:38 pm - Wonderful Shop Links
This is where you'll find some links to other wonderful shoppe links that
I've exchanged with or just plain linked coz I thought they were cool.

Here are some links to other stores. =)

    Sells: Kawaii goodies

    Sells: Kawaii goodies & random stuff

    Sells: Self made artistic goods

Brand items
7th-Feb-2008 08:37 pm - 07 02 08; New Premises
Hi Everyone!

I'm pleased to officially open the new premises of The Yum Yum Store today (on Chinese New Year)! Youcan find the new premises at http://ani.freehostia.com

I've taken a LOT of time to build this website and transfer all items and CREATE new item pages so, please take the time to browse around (even if you're not going to buy anything! But hopefully you will). New and old customers are free to order and make enquiries using through the new website forms, which my sister Kit and I will be checking up regularly.

Some of you may have already met her, but lately I've been feeling a tad sick and tired from the whole website and with work as well, so my sister Kit has answered your emails and orders. She may continue to do so in the future, so please treat her with the same respect as you would treat me. Thank you!

Finally, the GREAT news I have is: that there are over 150 items (most new and imported) in the store -- this doesn't include duplicates of an item. Isn't that great?!

I only have a few a few words left and that's ... KONG HEI FAT CHOI! (Happy Chinese New Year!) Yay for the year of the Rat..

Thank you all for your kind support!

♥ from,
16th-Nov-2007 04:20 pm - Jewelry
♥ Necklaces
♥ Earrings + other bling still to be added!
1st-Mar-2007 05:04 pm - Old Announcements
26 December 2007

I'll be on a short hiatus until the new year.
I'm setting up my new premises
(which will make stock numbers etc easier to control)
and the new stock numbers and everything.

I also have a new hello kitty item distributor who will
be sending me her item list to see if i like anything ..
which means I also have to go through that. =)

Please bear with me! =)

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