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Yum Yum Store! hmmmmm *drool*

Yum Yum Store!

♥ I ship from Sydney, Australia and can ship overseas -- you pay for shipping!

You must make sure that your country will allow snacks via post.
when checking postage via the link to the AustPost site, check the prohibited items list.

♥ To find out approximately how much postage is: Go here!

♥ Shipping has not been added to the prices on the website.
♥ Postage is measured in weight not item. =p

Postage is what it is. I try to be reasonable. I don't add more ontop for travel costs etc
only for a postal box if needed and I let you know this in the invoice I send for you to confirm.

♥ I am willing to ship twice a week. (This may change upon availability)

♥ I am not responsible for loss, damage, restrictions, customs
etc to packages once they are shipped. I can show the receipt of sending if you need/want it.

♥ I can offer insurance/confirmation/registered mail -- it may be big though.

Payment Methods

♥ Paypal (I don't charge any fees)
♥ Bank Transfer (Australia only) (Needs to clear before I send)
♥ Money Order (Needs to clear before I send)

Prices are marked as either US $ or GBP £

Concealed Cash is no longer accepted.


♥ I buy most of the (non two wk) items during the weekend.
♥ There are items I can only get every 2 weeks - see here for more info.
♥ Serious buyers only. Don't use the order form otherwise.
♥ I don't profit much/at all from this venture, so I can't give you any discounts unless you buy over $25 worth.


♥ I sell as is. I can't see inside most of the time and cannot tell you if the food
is melted or whatnot. I try my best to pick the best ones. (box not crumpled etc)

♥ If you have a question, leave your email.
♥ If you have a suggestion or something in particular that you are looking for let me know. I might be able to find it.
♥ I check the due date, so you will almost always get something that is within due date.

♥ If you're allergic to something ask! And I'll take pictures of the labels before confirming.

♥ You can add me on your friends list. ^____^ I'll try to keep up with adding everyone.
♥ I clean out the comments after about a week (keeps it organised)

( Feedback )


Sorry! Will not be taking trades
(unless its REALLY REALLY GOOD see wishlist)


If you have any general questions, post them here (Don't forget to leave an email)!
And I'll get back to you as soon as possible
Alternatively you can send me an email here: yumyum.store[at]gmail[dot]com